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Fuel Pump Advertising

Ad nozzles provide an unmissable one-to-one interaction with fuel buyers.

Fuel Pump Advertising

Ad nozzles are an unmissable and highly accountable way to target drivers every time they fill up at petrol stations across the UK. With an average fill-up time of 2-3 minutes and an uninterrupted viewing time of 52 seconds, ad nozzles are an eye-catching format, particularly in more rural areas where roadside poster sites are scarce.

We work closely with the only supplier of ad nozzles in the UK and cover 3,000 forecourts, which equates to 72% of all UK fuel stations. These include roadside locations such as Total, Esso, supermarket sites such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons as well as Moto Hospitality and Roadchef on motorway forecourts.

The number of nozzles varies per site, but the advertiser will always have exclusivity of the forecourt. Our pricing model varies based on roadside, supermarket or motorway locations.

Prices from £460 per 4-weeks

Fuel Pumps

With access to multiple fuel retailing partners, we are able to provide advertising on forecourts throughout the UK. Whether the requirement is to advertise on the roadside, supermarket or motorway network, there is no shortage of opportunities.

Simon Miller, Operations Manager
Focal Point Advertising


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